Caddywhompus - Remainder

Since the blog has turned over a new leaf in terms of download sharing, I’d like to have my first post in this new era be a post that has a free album download. As Brian mentioned a few posts ago, we get our fair share of submitted music into our inboxes, and most of this free music gets a listen, but few of these get a second listen. In this case, self proclaimed “noise-pop” duo Caddywhompus sent me a link to their new release Remainder, and it had a free download link attached. While the term “noise-pop” had my cringing a bit at first, the music itself was not as cringe inducing. Although some of the song titles are. Well, maybe just “balloon knot.” Anyways, on to the music. Imagine the singer from Band of Horses, hanging out with the guys from Animal Collective and Lightning Bolt, but right before they head into the studio they go to the circus and a carnival…and have loads of cotton candy and jolt cola. The result is a truly fun album that keeps the energy up while not sacrificing on musicality. This is surprisingly organic for something labeled as “noise-pop” and while there is a great deal of synth work on the album it boils down to a classic guitar based rock band with a great sense of fun and an attention to the craft of “noise-pop.” And yes there is one. How do you add distortion, a few little sounds here and there, and not want the listener to just hit “next” on their ipod? Caddywhompus seem to have that pegged.

The album was relased by Community Records and is available for free here.



Canicule Garden

Moth Traces

As an artist, I try not to get too meta. And I try not to focus too much on the subject matter of what I’m doing at the moment, because that’s what’s comfortable to me. But every once in a while I like trying something uncomfortable. These two releases are probably an example of that. I sat down and decided I wanted to make some music that was blissful, shimmering, hazy, bright, bursting with a sense of spring and summer and foggy, happy memories. And at the same time, I wanted to make some music that was dark, thick, noisy, terrifying, murky, something that to describe the uncertainty and subtle horror between those lighthearted times. And these two little EPs are the end result of that desire to craft sharply contrasting ambient music, one summerlike, one wintry. On their own I think they’re sweet little considerations of their respective emotions, together they seem to have a lot more power. They are, for me, a way of coming to terms with and understanding things I can’t say. I hope you can find something nice like that when you listen to them, too.

-Brian S

Portland duo Yellow Swans have been one of the guiding lights of the noise scene over the past decade, gracefully plucking beautifully marred fragments of noise from the surrounding radioactive fallout better than just about anyone without the last name Hecker. They announced their break-up in 2009, and Going Places is their final transmission. Yellow Swans’ sound has always explored something more delicate and sophisticated than their blown-out sound would initially belies, and they come close as ever to perfecting it on here. Desolate and blistering, yet with a distinct astral quality as well, almost like the sound of the white hot dust cloud left behind by a collapsing red giant. For me, Yellow Swans represent the small, fragile, yet undeniable sense of sentimentality for what has been lost within every process of destruction. Deep stuff.

For Fans Of: Burning Star Core, Mouthus, Prurient, Wolf Eyes


– Brian B.

Sleigh Bells


DAMN. Despite their meek sounding name, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss drop some insanely heavy artillery for two people. I’ve been sitting here now for about 10 minutes, listening to the same three tracks over and over trying to think of how to describe the music. Alice Glass fronting Lightning Bolt with Swizz Beatz replacing Brian Chippendale? That was the best I could come up with. Who cares. Sleigh Bells play really, really loud, the beats are really, really huge,  and they are an insane amount of fun. Someone sign these two and force them to release large quantities of music.

>> Here are five songs by them. Enjoy.

do lightning bolt really need an introduction anymore? i’m not sure. their new full-length, Earthly Delights, will be released on Load Records this fall, and i’m sure it will be an absolutely massive slab of ass-kicking face-punchery. the first single is a relative slow-burner for these guys, with Brian Chippendale keeping the flailing octopus drums to a minimum to assist Brian Gibson in stirring the dirge. over the course of 7 minutes, ‘Colossus’ pulls you along an increasing frenzied, psychedelic build-up that never quite pays off, for the better. we’ll see what kinds of other new tricks Lightning Bolt has picked up in their time off when Earthly Delights drops this fall.

DOWNLOAD >>> ‘Colossus’

emeralds, direct from the 440/216 (cleveland), are a three piece improvisational group of musicians specializing in noise and drone music. using vintage electronics and heavily-effected guitars and keys, emeralds’ sound exists just inches beneath the surface of the water, floating just above the murky abyss while the sun and blue sky is refracted and rendered amorphous through the movements and ripples. the sounds on here, however subtlely, suggest so many different sources and emotions. unlike other drone, emeralds soundscapes are far from barren. they suggest rebirth and cleansing, a sigh of relief emitted by a grateful planet rid of its toxins. the moist gray of pre-dawn on the first humanless day. sun glinting across waves as they crash on abandoned docks.

keep your ears to the ground.

p.s. one of my absolute favorite blogs, ill-formed, have made the switch to wordpress. smart move! they specialize in any and all independent music designed to explore new sonic territory. their knowledge and ear for quality put them near the very top of the game. i’ve updated my link to them on my blogroll, so you can visit them any time.

this is art.