the end/beginning.


Hey all.

I don’t want to draw this out too much or anything, but I’m ready to put WWWY&B to bed. I enjoy what we did here and thank anyone who came around.

I know I talked about taking the site in a new direction and everything, but I recently was very graciously invited to become a part of a new start-up blog/zine that basically had everything I had in mind for this site, except created by a true team of people who both know the technical side of internet things and love music in equal measure. I’m really stoked to be writing for and I think we have an awesome, dedicated group of people to make it great. The site only launched a couple of days ago and I’m already pretty stunned at how efficient it look and runs. It’s already better than anything I could have done on my own on this site. I’ll be doing reviews over there pretty similarly to how it went on here, as well as posting and talking about news, videos, tours, and other ephemera from around the music world.

Thanks to anyone who found anything of value in this site over the past couple years. I always had fun doing it, and I’m excited be a part of something that will hopefully grow and be even more fun in the future.

Thanks for reading.


Brian Bohan


I want your input.


I’ve been thinking about making changes in a lot of ways lately; in my life, people I associate with, even this blog. Something that I’ve been sitting on for awhile now is whether or not I want to continue offering free full album downloads.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Obviously, I download a fuckton of music. I am perennially broke, and my appetite for music far, far outweighs my discretionary income. No part of this switch is meant to be any sort of real commentary or cursory glance towards downloading culture or filesharing or any of that. As music lovers who spend a good amount of the day on the internet and tracking down sites like this one, it’s safe to say that I do it, you do it, we all do it. I understand that.

But the fact of the matter is, unless we have express permission from the artist or label, what we are doing is illegal. No matter how big we make that BUY link underneath our reviews, no matter how many mental gymnastics we perform to rationalize that free, high-quality full album downloads actually help the artist, the majority of people reading this site are going to click and download and rock out without a care in the world. Of course that doesn’t describe everyone who reads this, and I want to personally thank anyone who has taken the initiative to purchase something they found out about on here. But we’re all friends and peers, and we’re going to be honest- that’s not the most traveled road and we all know it.

I always sort of viewed what we do here as a way to give back, creatively, to the arts that inspired us. Writing is definitely the main way that I express my creativity at this point, and what better way to do it than in a form of dialogue with the absolute best, most forward-thinking music out there? That has been the main goal of this site from Day 1 back when it was just me typing a couple sentences on Tumblr. I always sort of viewed posting albums as a form of letting a friend borrow a book so that the two of you can be enriched by it and get high and talk about it and stuff like that. The last thing I ever wanted this website to be was a mere loading depot for free music and leaked albums (which we never have purposely posted). We would continue, however, to post albums that the artists or labels themselves have given us permission to share, as well as any music licensed for non-commercial use i.e. Creative Commons. If something you read or see or hear on this site were to inspire you to go find one of the billions of links to a free download, more power to you and yours. We just will no longer be the ones supplying you with it.

So I put this question to you, my fledgling yet crucially important reader base: Would you continue to hang out with us here at While We Were Yolanda & Bruce if we discontinued the practice of offering download links in our blog posts? Keep in mind that this switch to legitimacy will never prevent us from filling you in on all of the best music, new and old, that lights our fires. This will also, hopefully in time, allow us to team up better with bands and record labels themselves in order to do things like interviews with some of the artists we talk about, more show reviews, exclusives, and other stuff I can’t even think of. It’s pretty exciting. I might be off base with this, but I feel like those of you who actually come here for the writing and music selection would stick around, and the people who would get pissed off and leave for greener, more ZIP-filed pastures weren’t the ones we were doing this for in the first place.

So this has gone on long enough, but I really want to hear your opinions. Either leave a comment or shoot me an email at with your thoughts, and as always, thanks for reading.

Brian B.



MY FUCKING HARD DRIVE DIED!!!! ISN’T THAT AWESOME!?!?! Seven years of music, gone! Great shit!

Anyways. Yeah.

I haven’t stopped listening to Baths, so just go re-read that post again and pretend like I just put it up. Blah.

Brian B.

A break from the usual posts. I read an essay called Culture Got You Down? by Chuck Klosterman about two years ago and it single-handedly changed the way I viewed my own tastes and perception of all kinds of art in the wider world. It made me realize the value of the relationship of popular vs. sub cultures, and how exciting studying their differences and commonalities can be, in music, art, film, whatever. It’s a short, easy read, so look it over and tell me what you think.

“Do you want to be happy? I suspect that you do. Well, here’s the first step to happiness: Don’t get pissed off that people who aren’t you happen to think Paris Hilton is interesting and deserves to be on TV every other day; the fame surrounding Paris Hilton is not a reflection on your life (unless you want it to be). Don’t get pissed off because the Yeah Yeah Yeahs aren’t on the radio enough; you can buy the goddamn record and play “Maps” all goddamn day (if that’s what you want). Don’t get pissed off because people didn’t vote the way you voted. You knew that the country was polarized, and you knew that half of America is more upset by gay people getting married than it is about starting a war under false pretenses. You always knew that many Americans worry more about God than they worry about the economy, and you always knew those same Americans assume you’re insane for feeling otherwise (just as you find them insane for supporting a theocracy). You knew this was a democracy when you agreed to participate, so you knew this was how things might work out. So don’t get pissed off over the fact that the way you feel about culture isn’t some kind of universal consensus. Because if you do, you will end up feeling betrayed. And it will be your own fault. You will feel bad, and you will deserve it.”

On an unrelated note, I’ve done a little maintenance on our wide selection of links, taking out some of the less relevant ones but more importantly, adding some great ones I’ve discovered lately. Deleted Scenes, Forgotten Dreams specializes in more kinds of ambient type droney field recording-ish things than you can shake a stick at, and the gorgeously designed Silence Magnifies Sound is in the same business we are; championing the best and most unique from all over the spectrum. These and all of the sites on your right are worth adding to your daily internet routine.

– Brian B.

I just turned 21!


Buttholes. Wish me a happy birthday.

For Fans Of: birthdays.

Brian B.

I just wanted to take a quick break from our year-end programming here to wish our own Dave Sterling a huge congratulations on his engagement! While it may be hard to believe that anyone caught up in this reckless, no-holds-barred world of music blogging would have any time for loving, commited, life-long relationships, Dave has extended two mighty middle fingers to the odds and will actually marry a real-life human female. The possibilities are now endless.

Seriously though; kudos, congratulations, and God bless to you and yours, Dave, from your blogging brethren.

Hey all –

As you can see, we took a little bit of time off for the Thanksgiving holidays, but the posts will resume in full force this week. I know I have some great shit lined up for all yall, so stay tuned.

Hope you had a great holiday!

Brian B.

Hello to all you music lovers

I am sure most of you have been coming to WWWYB for a while now, but I want to welcome all you new fans.  My name is Styles and I am a new contributor to this already fantastic blog.  I myself have loved music since my dad and mom played records when I was very little and haven’t stopped since.  I plan to bring new and undiscovered music to your pretty little ears and contribute my own style and passion for music.  I love everything a new band or album can bring to you.  Passion, tragedy, energy, hurt, and all other emotions involved when listening to a record for the 1st or 900th time.  I want to encourage any musician or band to submit their records, demos, or cassettes for review and I plan on helping the already capable staff of WWWYB in highlighting thought-provoking and exciting new music.  I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Seattle and was surrounded by such great music growing up that you could literally pop in on any live music venue and hear something new and fresh.  It is an exciting time for music, and the internet has allowed all of us to broaden our minds to soundscapes of many genres.  Please feel free to comment on any and all posts, and if there is a band you are really excited to hear then we will try our best to accommodate your need for their audio bliss.  I am extremely excited and honored to become part of such a great team and hope we can build our followers, expand our opportunities, and  help all of you discover something fresh each and every day.

Hey all-

So here is what’s really good; I officially want to get some more people on this thing. I want more voices, a wider variety of music, and a perspective other than my own. I read through my past posts and I look at many of my fellow bloggers sites (which you can find on the right side of your screen, recently updated with more awesome sites) and I realize how much better this thing could be.

So I’m officially putting it out there; if you are interested in helping me out on here, talking about music you love, covering good shit that I don’t always get around to, and those sorts of immaterial rewards for posting on a music blog, then please, please get in touch with me via any of the contact methods you see to the right. I can’t promise anything in return really, except for friendship and a very, very small reader base, but believe it or not, this place does get a few hits here and there, and someone, somewhere will be reading your stuff.

so anyways yeah. if you are reading this and thinking to yourself “hey, that might be fun.”, then please get in touch. there’s no requirements or anything whatsoever, just come on here and write about the music you love however often you want to.

i look forward to hearing from yall.

2 Legit 2 Quit



i know i’ve been slacking. it sucks. i’ve been slacking in lots of ways lately. but that is about to come to an end soon, and i took the first step in that direction today by finally bringing this little blog out of the free-site trenches and registering it. from now on, you’ll be able to direct your web browsing application straight to to get your fix.

we made it, guys!

looking forward, i really want this site to grow into something cool. i’ve always tried to separate my site from the legions upon legions of music blogs that are merely another avenue to steal music from when your torrent ratio isn’t high enough by adding some personal commentary and a commitment to posting the most creative and interesting music coming out these days. while i love providing access to sample some of the best music being made today, i can safely say that i’ll eventually transition away from offering free downloads of the albums i write about. i’m trying to work on my writing skills and think up new ideas for the site so that i eventually won’t need to bribe readers with free music to get them to come back.

i would also love to get some guest writers on here, for those who get sick of reading my voice and being subject only to what i’m currently digging, which can get a little narrow at times. so please, if you are reading this and you want to try flexing your writing muscles or expand your existing writing horizons, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

i am just one kid, and not a very smart or innovative one at that. i started this entire project almost a year ago, and i am surprised that i have actually kept with it for this long. it’s gone through ups and downs and periods of inactivity, but it has also persisted. that must mean something. i am hundreds of miles away, both literally and figuratively, from the place where i was when i started this, yet it has persisted. i want it to keep growing in the steady, natural, organic way it has thus far, into something that can reach as many people as possible.

if this is the first time you’ve been here, welcome. i hope you keep coming back and checking out the neat things that will start happening soon. if you’ve been hanging out for awhile now, thanks so much for sticking with me. it truly means a lot, and i cannot wait for you to see and become involved in the next steps of this little old blog.

love yall so much

– brian

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