Jónsi – Go (2010)


I suppose I should get this out of the way: I’m a huge Sigur Rós fanboy. I believed Jónsi to be one of the best singers of our generation before I even took a listen to this album. It goes a long way to affirm this belief, and a new one I found; that he is an excellent songwriter on his own. Go takes the poppy aesthetic of Með Suð… and the massive, bombastic style of their more poignant works, combining them into a, well, massive, bombastic pop record. It’s still Jónsi of course; you can tell that from the first spout of glitchy vocal melody to the first impassioned, falsetto “YOOOOOOO.” It’s still inherently artsy and original and heartfelt. Here, Jónsi just turns the happy dial up to 11. His vocal hooks skitter up in the upper ranges with breathless ease, they float about the mix, holding it together and carrying it along to the most cinematic heights. Flutes, warm synths, plaintive pianos and raggedy percussion create an air of the unreal that is still very grounded, still very here. The criticism I always leveled at my high school friends who didn’t get Sigur Rós always went something like, “Fuck, man, If this doesn’t make you wanna cry, you have no heart.” If Go doesn’t make you wanna smile and get up dance, you have neither a mouth nor feet.


– Brian S.


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