Fang Island – Fang Island (2010)


If you haven’t heard of this band yet, don’t worry: I have a feeling soon everyone will have. I’m usually drawn more toward late-bloomers, simmering albums that take a while. But I’m pretty sure I fell in love with this one at first play. Fang Island is massive and happy music: part punk, part pop, part math rock, part part-hard shredfest. I was figuring that I’d be hard-pressed to describe anything so electric guitar-based fresh in 2010, but they’ve proved me wrong. Whether it’s skittering tremolos or joyous walls of power chord progressions or huge, bombastic melodies, the guitar carries every song in a way that satisfies a hunger I didn’t know I still had. The same thing happens with every gang vocal chorus, every hook; I’m drawn into a sense of happiness, community, partyness that makes me unashamedly giddy. I’d compare the experience to Passion Pit’s Manners last year, and Sigur Rós’ Með suð before that. There are moments I could point out that I really love (the chorus of Daisy, the huge tremolo breakout at the end of Sideswiper, the OOO OO WHOA OH in Davey Crockett) but I’m sure you’ll find your own. They’re there.


Brian S.


One Response to “Fang Island – Fang Island (2010)”

  1. shaman Says:

    i like how one of the tags to this one is “high-fivecore”

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