Champion – Resistance (2010)


The first Champion album I bought years ago was a bit of a guilty pleasure. It was called “Chill ‘Em All” and featured a bloke in a lovely sunset t-shirt on the cover…honestly i believe it was mostly the cover that had me look into it in the first place. Released in 2004, that album featured lively beats, and a bit of a electronic gospel feel that made you nod your head and tap your foot. 6 years later, the sterile bass and synth has given way to dirty guitars and bigger choruses on top of the same lively driving beats. This is an album to beat someone up to…not an angry album, just an album that makes its listener assertive and outgoing. You wouldn’t beat up an innocent to this album, you would beat up someone who deserved it.

Most notable track in that vein is “So Big.” A grungy filthy guitar fades in, cymbals start to crash, and once the warped riff starts you are ready to kick some justified ass. The beats kick in a few seconds later and its on. By the time the vocals start, you don’t know what is so big, but you don’t care.

Other favorite tracks are “My Black Saab” which carries on the “justified badass” theme and “Sannois Beach” which bubbles and boils up to a great frenzy that lasts for the remainder of the track.




One Response to “Champion – Resistance (2010)”

  1. MLR Says:

    its not letting me email you so im leaving you a comment

    Hello my name is Miller Rodriguez AKA MROSOSMEE AKA MLR and i’m mostly recognized from my crazy LA dance punk band NEON NAVAJO []

    I’m a huge fan of your blog and the way your write.

    i have a new solo projected called MICKEY MICKEY ROURKE , i just finished my first ten song album and i really want you to have it.

    heres the link to the download :

    This project is really special to me so hopefully if you like it you could maybe write about it and tell people about this album.

    thank you so much , god bless , take care and sleep well.




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