Baths – Cerulean (2010)


Alright, here it is. The first album of 2K10 that I just fell instantly and hopelessly in love with. The one where the sounds just hit that sweet spot so perfectly that listening to anything else, even time-honored favorites, leave you with nothing but a bigger jones for this new young pony. Baths is the project of one SoCal producer named Will Weisenfield, who marries ecstatic melodies and emotional sentiment with abstract hip-hop better than anyone since Bibio dropped Ambivalence Avenue last year. Seeing how that record hasn’t really left my rotation since I first heard it 10 months or so ago, I was beyond stoked to find someone up to the same tricks.

Much like Bibio, Will’s not afraid to use his own voice to put a fingerprint on these songs (and that’s what they are- not tracks, songs). His faux-funk falsetto on ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ might seem odd and silly at first, but taking into account the delicate lyrics and sparse, melancholy instrumental reveal that it and all of the other idiosyncrasies and personal inflections that make this more than just great beats and cool instrumentation (not to say that this record lacks either of those things at all). Baths also makes effective use of spoken word samples, mostly from women and children, to further exhibit the human element that can still be found in this electronic, “point-and-click” music if the artist is willing to put it there and sophisticated enough to pull it off without cheese. After enough repeated listens, they almost become characters within the song, and once you get to know the structure, you anticipate their arrival and contribution.

The albums arguable highlight is the least hip-hop influenced of them all. ‘Rain Smell’, with its percussion that consists of barely more than fading a noise signal in and out over handclaps while a lonely piano figure plays in some other room in some other house in that neighborhood you moved out of years ago. There’s just something really fucking affecting about it, and I still haven’t really figured out what the lyrics Will repeats over and over for almost six minutes. It hits me hard. It’s beautiful. Being able to capture this much feeling inside a machine shouldn’t be possible.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. The sun is shining (well, not right now in Chicago actually), birds are singing, leaves are appearing, and these wonderful, catchy, warm, upbeat, vulnerable, funny, and truly forward-thinking songs are pouring out of my speakers for hours on repeat. It’s about as much as you could ask for.

For Fans Of: Bibio, Toro Y Moi, Flying Lotus, Keaver & Brause


Brian B.

FINAL EDIT: Corrected the final album title and art, and took down the link because a.) it was incomplete and b.) because this is damn good and I really really really want people to buy it when it drops in June on Anticon. Some of the best songs are on the MySpace so go listen there.


9 Responses to “Baths – Cerulean (2010)”

  1. dendva Says:

    Hi Brian, is there any link to the album? I am so desperately looking for that for a few weeks now, and recently I wrote article about anticon for a blog and start posting anticon releases, so you know where to get this album, I will be really thankfull.

    If is download link somewhere in text and I am just missed that, I am sorry.

  2. Max Says:

    I’ve been trying to find this since I saw you posted their song on tumblr the other day.

    Also, theres no link bro

  3. Luke Says:


  4. DAWBS Says:

    is this cerulean? or someother self-titled lp?

    • Brian Says:

      this is cerulean, that’s why i posted the correction/update above this. the name/art hadn’t been announced when i first posted it. this is also missing two songs than cerulean will have.

      but you should just buy it when it comes out anyway

  5. decoeur Says:

    could you upload the ‘love in the village’ album by MILK please ??
    they are in their top friends list..

    • Brian Says:

      thats not really how this blog works, but if any of us listen to it and enjoy it enough to write about it and post it, you’ll see it here.

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