Boas – Boas (2010)


Where the hell did this come from? From what I can surmise, Boas seems to be the work of some dude from Virginia called Tyler Newbold, and it sounds great. Boas (the album) certain cues from chillwave and sends them through a very psychedelic, almost tribal prism with a pretty wild range of percussion underneath. The layers are many, yet the production is immaculate and every beat, freaky sample, and weird vocal warble sounds finely tuned and has plenty of space in the mix; nothing lo-fi here. People always talk about how the hazy nostalgia of Washed Out/Neon Indian recalls their childhood… well, this will do the same thing if you were raised in a teepee in the middle of jungle and fed drugs by robots. There are some pretty wild beat exercises here as well, especially on tracks like the Clark-reminscent ‘Sleaching’. Boas exists in some freaky, yet strangely lucid dimension between pop, chillwave, IDM, and psychedelic.

As you can see from the list below, Boas uses a lot of the same sounds as some of the bigger names in the indie world right now. Don’t let that fool you. This is some unique and intriguing stuff, and the amount of time and skill this album took is readily apparent. This could get fairly big in the right hands, and it should.

For Fans Of: Clark, Atlas Sound, Toro Y Moi

MySpace / Download for FREE @ Bandcamp

Brian B.

P.S. Do you guys like this new layout? I was getting sick of the old one but I dunno if I’m sold on this one yet. Let me know.


One Response to “Boas – Boas (2010)”

  1. James Says:

    I’d try to find another theme. I liked the old one a lot more.

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