Infinite Body – Carve Out The Face Of My God (2010)


Excuse me if this ends up being a little bit of a rush job; I know that this is one of Max from Poop Mountain‘s favorite records of the year so far and I want to post about it before they do. Eat it, suckers.

Kyle Parker is sort of an odd man out on Dean Spunt’s Post Present Medium label, and while he shares a hometown and label with art punks Abe Vigoda and Mika Miko, his music as Infinite Body comes from a different place entirely. Carve’s glowing drones conjure images of something decidedly more primal and veiled than the oppressive blue skies and urban sprawl of Los Angeles. The subtle distorted finish on every chord and cloud add just the slightest touch of menace and tension to these otherwise sublime compositions. From the staggered, phasing strings of “A Fool Persists” to the distant mechanical stabs of “Sunshine”, Carve’s stable of sounds might take a few listens to fully expose.

Parker reared himself on L.A.’s harsh noise circuit, and the structures and distortion on Carve Out The Face Of My God belie that history, but the warm melodies and personal inflections invite you to listen closer and learn more about the guy behind all those pedals.

For Fans Of: At All Ends’-era Yellow Swans, EMERALD$, strange-colored morning mist

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Brian B.

P.S. It took me literally 2 hours to upload this on my stupid hill-person internet and got smacked with a big fat ‘failure’ when it was done, so this is, unfortunately, a link jack. I hope you don’t mind, MF user howtobecomeavirgin


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