Glasslung – Canicule Garden/Moth Traces (2010)


Canicule Garden

Moth Traces

As an artist, I try not to get too meta. And I try not to focus too much on the subject matter of what I’m doing at the moment, because that’s what’s comfortable to me. But every once in a while I like trying something uncomfortable. These two releases are probably an example of that. I sat down and decided I wanted to make some music that was blissful, shimmering, hazy, bright, bursting with a sense of spring and summer and foggy, happy memories. And at the same time, I wanted to make some music that was dark, thick, noisy, terrifying, murky, something that to describe the uncertainty and subtle horror between those lighthearted times. And these two little EPs are the end result of that desire to craft sharply contrasting ambient music, one summerlike, one wintry. On their own I think they’re sweet little considerations of their respective emotions, together they seem to have a lot more power. They are, for me, a way of coming to terms with and understanding things I can’t say. I hope you can find something nice like that when you listen to them, too.

-Brian S


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