Castevet – The Echo & The Light (2010)


So I wrote a decent sized proper review of this, full of words like ‘swelling’ and ‘amorphous’. It sucked. My arsenal of adjectives and turns of phrase isn’t developed enough to do music this powerful justice. The bottom line is this: Castevet are four insanely talented musicians who channel every last drop of their musicianship and songwriting skill into crafting these emotional behemoths. They are definitely rooted in punk rock, with all of the raspy vocals and quick blasting rhythms. But the amount of feeling and desperation and humanity they are able to wring out of their instruments with a simple change in tempo or flick of a distortion pedal is mindblowing. Simply put, this is some of the only punk rock you could safely describe as “beautiful”. It’s a shame that this album got locked up in label (the normally awesome Big Scary Monsters) bullshit; it was supposed to be released at the end of February but, according to the band, won’t see the light of day until May albeit with two bonus tracks and on a different label. I dumped plenty of praise on Summer Fences last year and The Echo and The Light builds on every success that record had and then some. The storm is gathering for Castevet and I couldn’t be more stoked.

For Fans of: The Casket Lottery, Explosions in The Sky, Hot Water Music, The Appleseed Cast


– Brian B.


5 Responses to “Castevet – The Echo & The Light (2010)”

  1. thirdsecond Says:

    unexpected end of archive :<

  2. Rob Says:

    Damn that’s fresh; best RSS.

  3. thirdsecond Says:

    nevermind it works now hooray

  4. tariq Says:

    midwest emo + hot water music = how awesome this is.

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