Active Child – She Was a Vision (2009)


It’s rare that, in our age of internet ubiquity, one should find an artist whose music is genuinely hard to find in any format. For me, these facts really only enhance my enjoyment of what little I’ve heard of Active Child, the fuzzy synthy choraly reverby harpy solo project by this guy Pat Grossi. There’s only two songs on here, and listening to them will send me scouring the internet to see if his full  length album is available for download or purchase or something again. Active Child’s music is so far exclusively released on cassette, a format that certainly meshes well with the hazy, reverby synth textures fogging up the background of the two tracks, “She Was a Vision” and “Voice of an Old Friend”. Grossi’s soft and open voice sounds alternatively angelic and soulful here, from his sighing delivery of “I came home to an empty house” to the floating falsetto of “don’t go” as the smorgasbord of retro synthesizers erupts into the chorus on “Vision”.
It’s no accident that all of Grossi’s work with Active Child seems to be paired with similarly hazy and idyllic artwork- the soft golden glow present in the cover of the single permeates both songs on this release, and only makes me look forward to full-length “Sun Rooms” more.



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