Yellow Swans – Going Places (2010)


Portland duo Yellow Swans have been one of the guiding lights of the noise scene over the past decade, gracefully plucking beautifully marred fragments of noise from the surrounding radioactive fallout better than just about anyone without the last name Hecker. They announced their break-up in 2009, and Going Places is their final transmission. Yellow Swans’ sound has always explored something more delicate and sophisticated than their blown-out sound would initially belies, and they come close as ever to perfecting it on here. Desolate and blistering, yet with a distinct astral quality as well, almost like the sound of the white hot dust cloud left behind by a collapsing red giant. For me, Yellow Swans represent the small, fragile, yet undeniable sense of sentimentality for what has been lost within every process of destruction. Deep stuff.

For Fans Of: Burning Star Core, Mouthus, Prurient, Wolf Eyes


– Brian B.


2 Responses to “Yellow Swans – Going Places (2010)”

  1. thirdsecond Says:

    i’m basically going to give this a listen exclusively because of that collapsing star analogy

    touché, salesman

  2. Brian Says:

    julian FTW

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