Whisper Signal – Posthumous (2010)


Musicians, music writers and music enthusiasts tend to take themselves very seriously.  Music is serious business and damn it you will respect that.  I will admit that I refer to myself as a “music blogger” any chance I get.  Generally this seriousness is a good thing.  Just think of the bands that don’t take themselves seriously, and you end up with bands like Barenaked Ladies and Smash Mouth, so keep an open mind when I tell you that Whisper Signal do not take themselves too seriously.   Their ebullience is evident in their live shows via frontman Erik Adkins and his rapport with his band-mates on stage as well as their self proclaimed “Light Rock” sound.

This is not a knock on their craft.  Musically and lyrically there is a great attention to detail and each song feels like it has a purpose.  The opening track “Escape Artist” starts with fairly bare piano chords and light drumming accompanying Adkins’ mellow vocals.  Light bass then enters the mix, followed one by one by different layered parts that seem to sneak up to a sonic high point…before disappearing just as you notice them.

There are a few moments on the album that fall short.  Some of the vocals are overly ambitious and sometimes Adkins struggles to rise to the challenge.  Overall though the high-aim pays off throughout.  The second half is in my opinion the strongest section of the record.  The last three tracks, Silent Valentine, Comaglow and Slow Enemies are simply dynamite, and really feature the strong guitar work of lead guitarist Daniel Holmes, who’s talents seem wasted when he is simply providing texture and layering earlier.

Overall the album is a solid first effort for a band still developing and shaping their sound.  New members and a renewed commitment to playing live will only help Whisper Signal, and hopefully will not turn their personalities into something different than they are now…because we all know that music is serious business.


– Dave

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