Shlohmo – Shlomoshun Deluxe (2010)


It always makes me feel a little stupid when someone younger than I am is releasing dope music, but that feeling’s easy to get over when the product is this good. 19 year old L.A. native Shlohmo never strays too far from the woozy blueprint established by his neighbors in the Brainfeeder and Alphapup camps, but his decidedly more ‘bedroom’ approach makes his ability to hang with those producers all that much more impressive. According to an interview I read while taking this in, most of the sounds were either cheaply recorded found sounds or old synths ghetto rigged to a laptop, which were then chopped and edited into these stumbling, glitchy jams. Standout ‘Hotboxing the Cockpit’, which has already gained the ear of Pitchfork and XLR8R, layers cascading, Joker-esque 8-bit synths over some molasses thick bass, avian field recordings and that classic Los Angeles swerve.  This digital-only deluxe edition also comes with a slew of remixes, including one from Brainfeeder’s Tokimonsta. Pick this one up and hear how LA’s future-hop scene continues to flourish and thrive.

Standout tracks: ‘Hotboxing The Cockpit’, ‘Spoons’

For Fans Of: Flying Lotus, Joker, Nosaj Thing, Rustie


Brian B.


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