The Real Tuesday Weld – The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid (2005)


No matter how much love you have for a song, two weeks after it becomes your alarm clock sound, you will hate it. To combat this I have this great little device called the Logitech Squeezebox, it is essentially an alarm clock that has about a million features, one of which is waking you up with pandora or This is a blessing and a curse however, a blessing because you never grow to hate one single song, and a curse because it has made me spend a crap-ton of money on buying new music.
One of these such finds is an album from 2007 by the unfortunately named “The Real Tuesday Weld.” I gave up on trying to classify this record, as the genre shifts from place to place throughout the record. It opens with what sounds like a radio show introduction from the 1940’s, and transitions into “Anything But Love” a lightly jazzy number that you wouldn’t mind playing for your grandmother. Up next is a wonderful track “on lavender hill” that reminds me of the clientelle, which is a bit of a shift from the first 2 tracks…and afterward the album ventures off into areas that I can’t really classify, you just need to find some time and listen to the thing from cover to cover. You don’t really notice the blending of genres, you just know that you are enjoying what you are listening to.

Sorry to be so vague oh loyal readers, perhaps I should have picked a more straightforward album to talk about my first post back since the new year, but I couldn’t help it. Deep down I believe this to be a classic example of a concept album, and as soon as I figure out what the concept is, I’ll let you know.




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