Glasslung – Perish (2010)


It’s difficult for me to talk about where music comes from for me. It just does. There are a lot of things I could pin point that inspire me. I can think of one pretty clearly, but it’s going to sound a bit pretentious. Anyways there’s a loop of highway that goes around my city and I assume a lot of cities, called the outerbelt. And I live in a house in a suburb on the edge of said city, so I’m pretty close to it. But not too close. And at night if I look out my window I can faintly hear the highway, it’s a kind of wooshing, windy sound, but deeper. It’s really kind of sad sounding, and when I thought about it, it sounded so organic, yet was made by cars, machines, but was also made by people, driving at night trying to make it home. And that moved me, somehow.

So Glasslung is kind of like that, it’s me trying to find a connect between the organic, the machine, the human. It’s ambient/drone/electronic/noise music if that’s your thing. It’s a lot of analogue instruments and some digital synthesis and almost a year of patient, loving editing and distorting. I spent a long time recording old keyboards and analogue synths and guitars and sitting behind a computer with a cup of coffee or tea. A lot of it sounds sad, and windy and wooshy like the outerbelt. It’s really quite out there I guess, but, if in the right mood, is capable of being profoundly moving.

For me, at least. You can decide the validity of that on your own. But trying to put words to mine own music puts a sour taste in my mouth. It’s me. I don’t know how I feel, but I know it sounds like this.

-Brian S


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