Keaver & Brause – The Middle Way (2009)


UK production duo Keaver & Brause first came to my attention with their remix of Bibio’s Fire Ant on that artists’ The Apple And The Tooth EP. I picked up pretty much everything by the producers involved with that EP, but Keaver & Brause’s The Middle Way hooked me like none of the others could. If you discovered K&B through Bibio the way I did, you’ll find a lot in common with the way Bibio and K&B take quaint, organic samples and rig them into bangers. The pace and tempo of this album makes it great, with the anthems and the quieter passages melting into each other perfectly. The Middle Way explores what happens when you take the time-honored method of vintage hip-hop sampling into more arboreal regions of sound, and the result is a relaxing, groove-filled excursion.

For Fans Of: Bibio, Four Tet, Flying Lotus, Dabrye

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Brian B.

2 Responses to “Keaver & Brause – The Middle Way (2009)”

  1. er4se Says:

    just got into these guys, thru kona trriangle and lone– im really diggin these cats, even more than most of flylo’s shit… kelpe is dope too

  2. I found your post looking on yahoo for just this information. I’m going to add you to favorites, I got alot from some of your other posts as well. Thanks!

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