Xela – Transit (2009)


Here’s some pretty droney things from Type Records (Grouper, Peter Broderick, Helios) co-owner John Twells. He’s got quite a few records under his belt, spanning a range of styles from glitchy IDM to doom-laden, glacial noise. Transit is a bit more spritely and emotional than the latter, with two tracks of shiny synths overlapping washes of soft noise. All of the slight minor chord shifts and what not add a subtle sense of urgency to the otherwise calm landscape. Neat stuff.

Unfortunately, and I hate to do this to you again, I’m fairly sure this 10″ was released in a very limited run and is no longer available. Bummer. But that’s one of the things these blogs are actually good for, right?

For Fans Of: Emeralds, Machinefabriek

Brian B.


2 Responses to “Xela – Transit (2009)”

  1. thirdsecond Says:

    how good is type records, honestly

  2. blkmps Says:

    this was released as a split release from blackmaps and static caravan


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