Preview: Pantha Du Prince – Black Noise (2010)


Pantha Du Prince is German producer Hendrik Weber, who has been putting out dark, ambient techno on various labels throughout the past couple of years. His last album, This Bliss, came out back in 2007 and he’s getting ready to drop another full length on February 9th (so many good records coming out on my birthday this year), entitled Black Noise. Judging from the success of The Field and the Kompakt sound in the wider independent music world, Pantha seems poised to make that jump with the help of some famous friends, including Animal Collective, !!!, and LCD Soundsystem. Animal Collective’s Panda Bear (nee Noah Lennox), seemingly warming up to his role as the T-Pain of left-field electronic-based music, lets Pantha warp and stretch his vocal melodies on ‘Stick To Your Side’, while !!!’s Tyler Pope plays bass on lead single ‘The Splendour’ . ‘The Splendour’ covers some pretty familiar, yet always intriguing ground, but Lennox’s warm vocals bring ‘Stick To My Side’ to a lighter place than some of the mistier numbers on This Bliss. Nonetheless, with the quality of his past work and these knockout collaborations, Black Noise looks to be one of the first great electronic albums of 2K10.

Download ‘Stick To My Side (ft. Panda Bear)’

Download ‘The Splendour (ft. Tyler Pope)’

For Fans Of: The Field, Gas, Kompakt’s Pop Ambient compilations, Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works, 4/4 bass thumps

– Brian B.


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