Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek – Blank Grey Canvas Sky (2009)


Blank Grey Canvas Sky

Don’t ask me how I made the decision to buy this album…something hit me about it, and into the shopping cart it went. During my first few listens, I knew I was hooked, and as it sunk its fangs into me deeper, I wondered what in the hell Iwas going to say about it.

this is a complete, complex, beautiful ambient work that deserves a comfy chair and high quality speakers. If you have some nice headphones, get those involved too.

I can’t recommend a specific track, because this is an album, treat it as such.

Usually I try to tell you some info, pick some flowery adjectives, and try to convince you.  I will not do that today. download it, devote some time to it, and let me know what you think…if you wanted flowery adjectives, you’d be at pitchfork right now anyways.

In keeping with the sleeping states record that Steve brought us yesterday, this is a splendid wintertime record for those times when you look out at the darkness, and realize that its only 5:15pm




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