Auburn Lull – Alone I Admire (1999)


Auburn Lull could not have an apt name. The michigan based ambient rock four piece crafts impossibly gorgeous sounds, perfect for mulling and/or sulking around on an auburn-sky autumn evening, a very nineties and Midwestern sound. Guitars are reverbed to the point of beautiful obfuscation, sweeping in and out, chords and melodies sitting tentatively on the fence of comprehension. Their combination of skill in soundcraft and a melancholic emotional element appeals to both the ambient and emo fan in me, at once reminiscent of Windy & Carl and American Football. The shivering sound slithers past, drum and bass providing a warmth underneath. Quiet and subdued singing like a breathless Mark Kozlelek rounds out the mix. The band is incredibly skilled at doing just as their name implies, lulling. Never rising and crashing into a grandiose crescendo, the dynamics rise and fall, but are always content with humming along softly and calmly, contemplative but not uninteresting. It’s perfect music for the now, for the edge of fall and winter, aching and unsure but always immaculate in its presentation. It’s for staring out windows, at a suburban landscape slowing down, close enough you can faintly feel the cold from outside. This album is their masterpiece, from the intensely pensive burst of Tidal to the shimmering bittersweet Blur My Thoughts Again, to the tribal dirge of Between Trains, Alone I Admire is a true gem.


-Brian S


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