DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek – Solar Life Raft (2009)


After an experimental, guitar-centric detour with The Ex guitarist Andy Moor on Patches earlier this year, DJ /rupture teams up with Brooklyn dubstep producer Matt Shadetek on Solar Life Raft, the real follow up that fans have been waiting for since 2008’s breakthrough Uproot mix. Solar Life Raft pretty much picks up right where Uproot left off, with /rupture’s trademark three turntable set up adding an entirely new dimension to his dubstep-inflected mixes. This time around, /rupture and Shadetek choose to showcase many of their own hometown talents.  In addition to the usual dub/reggae/dubstep fare from Jahdan Blakkamoore, Timeblind, and other niche artists, DJ /rupture seems to be embracing his newfound acceptance in the indie community as a whole, mixing in tracks by Gang Gang Dance, Grizzly Bear collaborator Nico Muhly, and hype machines Telepathe. However, knowledge of the source material isn’t essential at all to enjoyment. /rupture, armed with only his trademark triple turntables, completely guts and rebuilds these tracks on the fly into something new, his signature more crisp, clear, and exciting than anyone spinning today.


Brian B.


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