Sleeping States – In The Gardens of the North (2009)


Sorry for being such a slacker lately.  I have been focusing on my music and listening to a limited amount of music in the process.  It is no excuse, but here comes a great album just for all of you.  Sleeping States is the musical project of London-based Markland Starkie.  His mixture of ambient instrumentation, sweet vocals, interesting lyrics, and added noise makes this album a great winter listen.  I find myself whisked away to a dream-like state.  That is why the name Sleeping States fits Starkie so well.  I can imagine a live intimacy very few artists can possess.  I hope to see him live soon on one of his many US tours and then I can tell you first-hand about the beauty it must convey.  Listen to this on a cold night and be taken away to a musical dream-scape.

For Fans Of: Ramona Falls, Tiny Vipers, Xiu Xiu, The Microphones, Sigur Ros, Menomena, Le Loup

Standout tracks: “Rings of Saturn”
“A Spiral Not Repeated”




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