Mount Kimbie – Maybes EP (2009)


Ever since Burial’s landmark Untrue transformed dubstep from merely an electronic approximation of Jamaican grooves with loud bass and little emotional depth to an entirely new template for brooding, left field music, listeners have been able to witness one of the most rapid evolutions of style and genre in recent memory. In what feels like mere months at times, we’ve witnessed the birth of styles like wonky, funky, post-dubstep, aquacrunk, and multitude other names to describe this low-frequency, urban, syncopated, and emotive electronic sound. Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, who comprise English duo Mount Kimbie, have clearly been taking notes throughout this boom and are ready to start dropping their own entries into the mix. Wide, wet synth pads reminiscent of Life Is Full Of Possibilities-era Dntel add a distinct warmth to the otherwise cold, bass heavy microrythms and processes vocal samples that show Will Bevan’s influence clearly. Overall, a great little 15 minute window into the work of these up-and-comers.

Standout Tracks: “Vertical”, “Taps”

For Fans Of: Burial, early Dntel, Flying Lotus


Unrelated: Our personal favorite online repository of album links, Sordo, is back after a hiatus! From this point on, we’ll be archiving most if not all of our links there, so head over there and explore. There’ll always be a link in our blogroll.

– Brian B.


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