Magic Lantern – High Beams (2008)


Here be some great psych/space rock from SoCal outfit Magic Lantern. They take similar experimental/drone cues from some of their fellow Not Not Fun artists and approach them with a full rock band, resulting in a tranced out blend of 70s psych/krautrock and more current trends in noise and drone. Squealing guitars and keys stretch out into infinity while the drums pound out an endless march. Long, repetitive, and stoned out of its mind, High Beams is some blissfully indulgent music to take drugs to.

For Fans Of: Acid Mothers Temple, Sun Araw, Faust

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– Brian B.

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4 Responses to “Magic Lantern – High Beams (2008)”

  1. James Says:

    I’m glad you posted this. I’ve been meaning to get a hold of something by this band since you told me Sun Araw is in it.

  2. Brian Says:

    he’s not, so i don’t think i told you that

  3. happytobehere Says:

    Love this love that.

  4. max Says:

    yeah sun araw is the guitarist from magic lantern

    this is probably in my top 3 psych or drone albums ever

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