It amazes me how a band as talented, old, and prolific as this, goes under the radar. Still going since 1991, Lovesliescrushing is an amazing crossroads of ambient music and dream pop, leaning heavily on the dream and backing off of the pop. In their relentless pursuit of heavily textured sound, they have as much in common with Tim Hecker as with Cocteau Twins. It’s probably important to note that the word textured gets thrown around a lot with regards to shoegaze bands, but Lovesliescrushing makes Loveless sound as textured as porcelain. Guitarist Scott Cortez uses only guitar to make his otherworldly sounds, running it through endless effects, loop devices, and using many manners of unorthodox ways to get his haunting sounds. Over their career they’ve managed to get as far as possible from traditional guitar sounds, to the point where your jaw drops in astonishment because there’s no fucking way that could be a guitar. Couple that with the fact the band records all their music on a 4 track recorder, and you’ve got yourself ineffably mind-blowing music. But texture isn’t the only facet of their craft, always holding true to their dream pop roots. Singer Melissa Arpin-Duimstra layers her utterly angelic voice seamlessly over the wall of sound. The chords are thick, massive, and uplifting, progressing like beams of sunlight pulsing through sparse clouds. The music drifts and builds until you’re lost in it, floating along with them in a percussionless chorus from an otherwordly heaven. It’s unconventional and experimental without sounding unfamiliar, always retaining that human element.

I’ve sifted through their discography and upped two of what I feel are their best. Xuvetyn is their second full length, and sounds very nineties. It’s more drawn out and thicker, less polished but not any less beautiful. Voirshn is a lot more glitchy and processed; Cortez describes it pretty aptly as “glitch-bliss.”

Xuvetyn (1996)

Voirshn (2002)

Check them out and support the band
They’ve got a box set of rarities coming out next year that looks fantastic.

-Brian S


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