Vandaveer – Divide and Conquer (2009)


Vandaveer has made a great folk record for 2009.  Simple melodies, strong lyrics, and stripped down songs fill this sophomore record of Mark Charles Heindinger.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to Vandaveer through another great music blog, You Ain’t No Picasso.  This record is emotional, and yet it seems to be a train ride to the simpler life.  I found myself humming and whistling melodies from this record at work and knew it was a keeper.  You can hear Heindinger’s current Kentucky home in his work, as well as the polish a DC native would show on a well-produced record.  Some of the songs bring me back to Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen, and also to some of Gram Parsons’ early work with Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds.  I am heavily drawn to folk music because of its simplicity, passion, and ability to drive songs with the quick wit of lyrical travel.  This record is alt-folk at its finest and I can see Vandaveer singing these songs in a Kentucky pasture with horses running right behind him for years to come.

For Fans Of: Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake, Nebraska (Springsteen), M. Ward, The Antlers, Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan

Standout Tracks: “Divide & Conquer”, “Woolgathering”




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