Afraid! – Megalöklift (2009)


Well hey. I’m the new Brian on the block and music is the tits. It’s all I do and all I am, so I’m happy to join this blogical community to share it with you. In my spare time I enjoy a leisurely walk, making electronical music, playing real drums, and generally being awesome.

Afraid! is a post-hardcore band out of Italy. Upon downloading this I had expected a typical dose of 2000s Euro-Screamo, and, upon hearing the first few seconds of Goa I got something more like 70s psych rock than La Quiete. Megaloklift sounds like The Blood Brothers and Crystal Antlers co-writing the soundtrack to an old vampire sock hop movie. Snaking basslines slither around a guitar sound of hardcore punk riffs and walls of sound that blends with the church organs to create a sound at once both creepy and rock and fucking roll. Singing reverbs mystically around it all as yells like knives pierce the mix, the vocalist playing both the killer and the victim. Afraid! have managed to make a sound like none other, frantic, frightening, and rapid. The album’s a rather short affair, lasting a little over 24 minutes over twelve songs. Pay attention and hold on or the flick will leave the screen before you realize it.

-Brian S


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