Radical Face – Ghost (2007)


Blogs… according to TV personalities, they are all the rage. And this blog is about music, and it is headed by someone I have found to be a major musical compadre. So consider this to be my introduction post. My name is Dave, I live in Akron, Ohio, and I love music. Its a dangerous addiction and I probably can’t stop anytime soon.

As far as music, let me school you an album that I can’t take off of repeat lately. The first official solo release by Ben Cooper, (perhaps known as half of Electric President, perhaps not) under the name Radical Face. Ghost is a record that starts with a haunting intro. Light piano, ambient noises, and then come the swells of the organ and later the accompanying vocal harmonies. The chords produced here are beautiful, and you find out later that they are merely softening you up for the main event to come.
Once the quiet strumming of “Welcome Home” begin, you are poised for something wonderful. The light clapping percussion and quirky vocals tease you even more and then at 1:20 comes the payoff. The full chorus begins, and you get your satisfaction.
This record excels at teasing, building and satisfying with breathtaking choruses, and wonderful harmonies that make you wish you were gazing at a city in the distance that is slightly out of focus. I am unsure of Coopers intentions with this album, but it really is a complete album from start to finish. It retains themes throughout, like the teasing and buildup, but it does this without lessening the style of each song. A variety of moods are represented here, from the confident marching of “Glory” to the foreboding and haunting tones of “Winter is Coming” this record truly is a journey.
At its best, this album makes the conscientious listener stop and take notice of its beauty, and at its weaker points, it is simply part of the blueprint being used to tease the listener to get him ready for what is to come. Cooper clearly knows how to orchestrate some special music, and is very capable of conveying emotion. Just remember you read it here first, because Zach Braff is going to be all over this.

– Dave


3 Responses to “Radical Face – Ghost (2007)”

  1. Nylatron Says:

    Nice review. And with an recording that’s two years old, I can score it at the local used/stolen CD outlet.

  2. quinn Says:

    Second official solo release, actually. If you liked this listen to his debut album, Junkyard Chandelier. Some really haunting melodies on that album.

  3. thirdsecond Says:

    dude this is fantastic

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