Helios – Eingya (2006)



What’s up readers- my name is Julian, and it looks like I’m the newest contributor here at wwwy&b. I’m from Connecticut and I’m a music major, and it suddenly occurred to me when our mutual friend Brian here started looking for other writers that writing about music could be just as fun and fulfilling as composing, hearing and playing it. So here goes! I thought it only fitting that I make my first post here one of the first albums I fell in love with upon my stumbling into the wonderful world of music blogging.

I’ve always been really into album art (almost unnecessarily so), and records whose sonic palette matches up with their jacket design. Helios was a totally accidental discovery for me, made solely because I really dug the cover drawing by Matthew Woodson. It’s also the album that turned me on to Type records and indeed the entire ambient genre, and I owe sole member Keith Kenniff a huge debt for that.

Helios is an ambient/electronic/IDM project from this aforementioned Keith Kenniff (who also writes solo piano works as Goldmund). All three of those labels are somewhat misleading however, as the pastoral compositions that compose Eingya are melodic, enough so to be foreground and not background music, not dancey in the least, and just as acoustic as they are electronic.  The percussion on this album is a fantastic blend of drum machines, acoustic drums and organic sound recordings. One of Helios’ trademarks is using sounds like snapping twigs or crunching leaves as a makeshift drum patch, and the combination of this with smooth droning atmospheric synths, intimately recorded piano and acoustic guitar make for an ethereal texture that is refreshingly not dependent on a stratocaster and a dd-7.

For fans of: Goldmund, Eluvium


– Julian

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