Oval – 94 Diskont (1996)


Oval’s Markus Popp is widely known in electronic circles for being one of the pioneers of a subgenre known as ‘glitch’ that finds order and beauty in the seemingly erroneous misplaced data and marred physical media used to contain sounds and music in the modern age. Popp famously created much of the music for Oval through various methods of ruining CDs, by scratching them, painting on them, or even breaking them completely, and compiling and reworking the resulting noise into swaths of ambient electronica.  While Popp’s once-overs give these sounds a sense of structure and continuity, the original defamation of these sounds can be heard in the ever-present clicks and pops, utilized and reworked into microrhythms, and inconsistent loop lengths and tempos. These two aspects combined give 94 Diskont the most subtle feeling of uneasiness, keeping the listener from drifting off too far into the otherwise serene compositions. However, the methods used to arrive at such a distinct sound are second to the gorgeous warmth and submerged  melodies throughout.

The rise of digital media came with this idea that, unlike vinyl or radio waves which degrade over time and distance, the compact disc and digital file were pristine, infallible ways of conveying sound. Markus Popp managed to find the underlying beauty and humanity that exists when even these forms of media succumb to error and fault, and it is once again up to the mortal and imperfect to piece it back together.

Standout tracks: Do While, Cross Selling

For Fans Of: Fennesz, John Cage, Brian Eno, Steve Reich


Two Unrelated Notes: I’ve added WWWY&B to the blog database on CaptainCrawl, a blog searching site with a great, clean interface and a burgeoning number of sites from which to pull whatever you need. It seems pretty legit, and I added that little button on the right. Word. Also, we have another new friend here! Dave is from Akron, Ohio and enjoys great music, Cleveland sports, and dabbles in hobby-level carpentry (birdhouses, bar stools, magazine racks, etc.) Make him feel welcome.

– Brian


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