The Parasails – Skylife (2009)


The Parasails

Matthew Mondanile sure makes music under a lot of names.  I was first introduced to him as Ducktails, and then through his role in Real Estate.  I recently discovered another band name he goes under, and it is The Parasails.  “Skylife” is nothing far from Ducktails but it will make anyone who likes the beach dream-pop he creates in all his bands happy.  It seems like he uses a little less delay and phasing with this album compared to his releases as Ducktails.  I am a big fan of the New Jersey shore  music scene but I have a feeling one night in New Jersey would suffice for me.  I would go to see the live interpretations of Mondanile’s music if he happened to be playing in Jersey and then quickly go home and remember why no one wants to live there.  Well, enjoy another installment of Ducktails, I mean Real Estate, no I mean Predator Vision, oops I guess this one is The Parasails.

For Fans Of: Ducktails, Real Estate, High Wolf, Wet Hair, Predator Vision, Sun Araw

Standout Tracks: “Skylife 2”, “Skylife 4”



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