Mix Tape #1 – “Welcome To My World”


WorldI plan on making a mix tape every Sunday to cheer up all of the readers with something to throw in the CD player if you have to go to Work, Church, or anything else I would consider unpleasant.  I will put the Tracklist below, and if you wish to further find out about one of the artists on the Mix, shoot me a comment or e-mail.  Sunday Funday!

Artist – Song (Album/release year)(genre)

Welcome To My World

1. Destroyer‘Bay of Pigs‘ (“Bay of Pigs EP”2009) (Indie)
2. J. Tillman – ‘Year in the Kingdom‘ ( “Year in the Kingdom”2009)(Folk)
3. Richard Swift – ‘The Atlantic Ocean‘ (“The Atlantic Ocean”2009)(Pop)
4. Cotton Jones – ‘Up A Tree‘ (“Paranoid Cocoon”2009)(Pop)
5. Elvis Perkins – ‘Doomsday‘ (“Elvis Perkins In Dearland”2009)(Songwriter)
6. Nurses – ‘Technicolor‘ (“Apple Acres”2009)(Prog/Psych)
7. The Joy Formidable – ‘The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade’ (“A Ballon Called Moaning”2009)(Pop)
8. The Drums – ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ (“Summertime EP”2009)(Pop)
9. Bark Cat Bark – ‘Benque Viejo‘ (“Cittadinanza”2009)(Balkan)
10. Doveman – ‘Let’s Hear It For The Boys‘ (“Footloose”2008)(Cover)
11. Other Lives – ‘Don’t Let Them‘ (“Other Lives”2009)(Pop)
12. Black Moth Super Rainbow – ‘Twin of Myself’ (“Eating Us”2009)(Electronic)
13. Noah and the Whale‘Love Of An Orchestra‘ (“The First Days of Spring”2009)(Pop)
14. Bruce Pennisula – ‘Crabapples‘ (“A Mountain Is A Mouth”2009)(Indie)
15. Efterklang – ‘Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles‘ (“Efterklang Performs Parades”2009)(Indie)
16. BOAT – ‘Prince of Tacoma‘ (“Setting The Pace”2009)(Pop)
17. A.A. Bondy – ‘American Hearts‘ (“American Hearts”2007)(Folk)
18. Au Revoir Simone – ‘All Or Nothing‘ (“Still Night Still Light”2009)(Pop)



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