The National Lights – The Dead Will Walk, Dear (2007)


National LightsThis album is one of my favorite “undiscovered” gems.  Filled with sweet and melancholy instrumentation and vocals with a concept that is not sweet at all.  This concept album about a girl being murdered somewhere in the midwest is beautiful and so easy to listen to.  I would suggest this album for anyone looking for something quick and easy to throw on and sing to.  It can also be for someone looking to dissect what is the true premise of  The National Lights’ conceptual idea.  I have listened to this album over 50 times, and every time I blare it I sing, sing, sing.  Great refrains, simple acoustic guitar, female harmonies, and simplicity working best.  I can’t say enough about this record, and hope The National Lights release something new soon to feed my hunger.

For Fans of: Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Drake

Standout Tracks: “Mess Around”
” Swimming in the Swamp”

From Last.Fm:

The National Lights is the primary song-writing project of Jacob Thomas Berns. Assisted by the arrangements Ernest Christian Kiehne Jr. (The Bland Allisons, Sonya Cotton), Jacob Thomas sets out on his full-length debut, The Dead Will Walk, Dear, to forgive the past while compounding its wrongs. Stirred by the fiction of the American Gothic, The Dead Will Walk, Dear roughly documents the passions, trials and regrets of a Midwestern murder.




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