Snowglobe – No Need To Light a Night Light on A Night Like Tonight (2009)



Snowglobe is a fantastic mix of pop, psych, and Americana out of Memphis, TN.  Reading their myspace, it seems like the band has been together for a while and gets some of its influence from the Elephant 6 Collective.  They started by playing shows in Athens, GA with the likes of Of Montreal and Olivia Tremor Control.  I would also say they must get a handful of ideas from bands like The Flaming Lips and The Byrds. This  7 song EP is a fun mix of folk-inspired indie pop.  I really liked this record from the first time I listened to it, and it gets a little better with each spin.

For Fans of: Elephant 6 Collective, Smog, Absentee, Starlight Mint

Standout Tracks: “Ms. June”, “Seems Like”


– Steve

3 Responses to “Snowglobe – No Need To Light a Night Light on A Night Like Tonight (2009)”

  1. unspoken Says:

    Hey thanks for the great music. What is the password for this file?

  2. Brian Says:

    there’s no password anywhere on this, i just checked it myself. your computer has become sentient, apparently, and does not want you to listen to this.

  3. Bill Jenkins Says:

    I’m going to bookmark this blogg on Digg to get more clicks for you.

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