Simon Joyner – Out In The Snow (2009)


Simon Joyner seems to be a forgotten soul.  He has been releasing quality albums for 16 years now and I guarantee if you asked a 100 people who he was, maybe 1 would have “heard” of him.  For many years now if I have a friend or co-worker who likes anything of Conor Oberst’s, I try to turn them on to Simon Joyner.  His vocal delivery is very similar, he is even slicker with his lyrics, and – oh by the way – he was in the Omaha scene first, influencing Oberst himself during those days.  Out In The Snow is Joyner’s 2009 album on Team Love Records.  I became so used to Simon just playing acoustic guitar and singing that when he finally released an album with a full band I was in shock.  This album is with a full band and sounds sonically gorgeous.  The recording is very good, especially for a Simon Joyner album, and he is still killing songwriting  like it was 1993.  The 8 tracks are a mix of fragility, love, anger, and moving on.  He uses a mix of slide guitar, strings, horns, and pretty organ to emphasize his layered acoustic guitar.  He also has some great female back-up vocals.  I would suggest this album to anyone who is focused on lyrics like I am.  Joyner’s voice can take some getting use to, but if you like anyone like Joanna Newsom, Destroyer, or even Bob Dylan you will find this album very gratifying.  This is a great album to enjoy while sitting by your fireplace, drinking some tea or coffee, and celebrating the winter months.

Standout tracks: “Ambulances” and “Last Evening on Earth”

“Your eyes are as deep as a bruise” – “Last Evening on Earth”

“It took years to break my heart to see what was inside” – “Sunday Morning Song for Sara”

For Fans of: Conor Oberst, Bob Dylan, Destroyer, David Dondero, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Joanna Newsom, Nick Drake




2 Responses to “Simon Joyner – Out In The Snow (2009)”

  1. James Says:

    Great first post! Looking forward to seeing more great folk releases posted here.

  2. dan Says:

    i just found this website and i’m glad i found this. i love simon joyner. i just happen to be lucky enough to be a native omahan and i get to see him on a regular basis. he usually doesn’t have merch so i don’t get to buy stuff. thanks!

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