OOIOO – Armonica Hewa (2009)


While Japanese noise legends Boredoms continue their nearly decade long dormancy, some of their members have stayed busy in the downtime, none moreso than head Boredoms percussionist, Flaming Lips inspiration, and OOIOO frontwoman Yoshimi “P-We” Yokota. On Armonica Hewa (a blend of Spanish and Swahili meant to translate as ‘harmonious air’), OOIOO continue to imbue their classic Boredoms weirdness with a distinctly feminine sense of fun and approachability. The percussion is definitely the main focus here; every song’s chants and squeals tumble along with the propulsive, tribal toms. The most impressive aspect of this album and OOIOO’s music as a whole is how honest and downright fun it always is. They make some seriously strange, intriguing sounds as if it’s the most natural thing in the world, not a single part forced or phoned in. These four ladies live and play and speak in a world of their own, one that’s a hell of a lot of fun to explore and hang out in.


– Brian


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