When We Were New and Excited


Hello to all you music lovers

I am sure most of you have been coming to WWWYB for a while now, but I want to welcome all you new fans.  My name is Styles and I am a new contributor to this already fantastic blog.  I myself have loved music since my dad and mom played records when I was very little and haven’t stopped since.  I plan to bring new and undiscovered music to your pretty little ears and contribute my own style and passion for music.  I love everything a new band or album can bring to you.  Passion, tragedy, energy, hurt, and all other emotions involved when listening to a record for the 1st or 900th time.  I want to encourage any musician or band to submit their records, demos, or cassettes for review and I plan on helping the already capable staff of WWWYB in highlighting thought-provoking and exciting new music.  I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Seattle and was surrounded by such great music growing up that you could literally pop in on any live music venue and hear something new and fresh.  It is an exciting time for music, and the internet has allowed all of us to broaden our minds to soundscapes of many genres.  Please feel free to comment on any and all posts, and if there is a band you are really excited to hear then we will try our best to accommodate your need for their audio bliss.  I am extremely excited and honored to become part of such a great team and hope we can build our followers, expand our opportunities, and  help all of you discover something fresh each and every day.


2 Responses to “When We Were New and Excited”

  1. stevie ray vaugh Says:

    you’re named styles?

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