Valet – Naked Acid (2008)


Firstly, the hunt for new blood, while ongoing, has already been quite a success! look for more information about that in the very near future.

In the meantime, I dug that White Rainbow album so much (seriously, get it) that I decided to further explore the Portland experimental scene and found some great stuff. My favorite act so far has to be Valet, the solo project from musician and visual artist Honey Owens, who also runs the Yarnlazer label with WR’s Adam Forkner. On Naked Acid, she makes distant, spacey beds of psychedelic rock on which to rest her quiet and plaintive vocals. Much like the cover art, Naked Acid blends the relatively familiar with the outlandish and experimental. Great sounds to accompany some inner reflection and discovery, or something.


P.S. I also highly suggest checking out the wonderful Nigeria Disco Funk compilation that Max posted and wrote about over at Shock Mountain. It’s great!


One Response to “Valet – Naked Acid (2008)”

  1. maxmellman Says:

    thanks bro, glad you liked that comp. I’ll post more like it sooner or later

    and this album is great, glad you’re sharing it

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