White Rainbow – New Clouds (2009)


Portland’s Adam Forkner is something of a renaissance man, putting in both producer and instrumental work with many of the top names in the indie rock world, including Atlas Sound, Devendra Banhart, and Dirty Projectors. Forkner handles every single aspect of his White Rainbow project, where he crafts longform experimental compositions with a focus on texture and layers. His latest, New Clouds is both his most adventurous and accessible album to date. The four tracks here stretch from about 15-20 minutes apiece, washed in haze and warm, drawn-out melodies. Forkner weaves layers of analogue synthesizers, guitar, wordless vocals, and occasional percussion into a calm, yet intriguing expanse. While his the approach and structure on New Clouds is definitely experimental, the resulting sounds feel surprisingly familiar and comforting, even on first listen. Perfect sounds to keep your spirits calm and lifted as the nights grow longer and colder.


P.S. Thanks to Adam for linking this on his tumblr! Sarcasm or not, thanks for reading homie.


One Response to “White Rainbow – New Clouds (2009)”

  1. aam Says:

    nothing but love, player!

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