No Age – Losing Feeling EP (2009)


No Age’s 2008 breakthrough Nouns led certain critics to aptly label their hazy, melodic thrashing ‘dream-punk’. Randy and Dean have apparently taken that label to heart, as their latest EP Losing Feeling contains their dreamiest, most melodic, and overall best songs to date. The opening title track is an expanse of urgent drums and clouds of chiming melodic guitars, while drummer/singer Dean Spunt lazily intones, sounding more on key than ever. ‘Genie’ lets Spunt focus on vocals alone over lilting, fuzzy folk. Meanwhile, ‘Aim At The Airport’ adapts the structure of some of their earlier, more experimental tracks while replacing the fuzz found on those with more of the same pleasant, melodic looped guitars found throughout the EP. ‘You’re A Target’ closes the EP with the single best song No Age have written thus far, the type of balls-out punk anthem that No Age do best, filled to the brim with gorgeous and unique guitar tones. While Nouns was considered one of the best records of 2008 and rightly so, I have a feeling it’s merely going to be considered the predecessor to whatever this band does next. It will be huge.


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