Touche Amore – To The Beat Of A Dead Horse (2009)


so my main crew, The Dear Hunter, finally met up with the Thursday/Fall Of Troy tour in Seattle tonight. interested in who they were sharing the bill with, I decided to check out the latest from Touche Amore, who also joins the tour tonight.

holy crap.

this is some serious fucking hardcore. with the passion and melodic ear of screamo and the fury of california hardcore, To The Beat Of A Dead Horse is a blistering whirlwind of punk rock. the production is raw, yet top-notch, with the drums/bass pounding, guitars scorching and the vocals absolutely searing through the mix. it’s been a while since a new hardcore band has gotten me this hot and bothered. TA know exactly when to speed through and when to break it the fuck down, as evidenced on tracks like ‘honest sleep’ and ‘suckerfish’. this being hardcore, none of the songs break the two and a half minute mark, but each one packs a hell of a lot of punch. the intense vocals are nonetheless very clear and showcase the awesome lyrics, which makes Touche Amore all that much easier to scream along to when they storm through. if you are on the West Coast, I can’t really imagine a better line-up (save TFOT, meh). make sure you get to the venue early and ready to thrash with Touche Amore.

p.s. chicago folk, these guys have a date on November 22nd at a TBA location with fellow Thursday tourmates La Dispute. this show will leave a giant, smoldering crater in the ground.

p.p.s. we are creeping close to the one year anniversary of wwwy&b on wordpress. let’s party.


One Response to “Touche Amore – To The Beat Of A Dead Horse (2009)”

  1. JACK F Says:

    ya dude. They are playing with mountain asleep in louisville sometime soon

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