Do Make Say Think – The Other Truths (2009)


Do Make Say Think are arguably one of the last ‘pinnacle’ bands in post-rock to pump out consistently fresh music. let’s face it; mogwai’s output has fallen off considerably since Happy Songs For Happy People, Godspeed is no longer with us, Explosions In The Sky are making bank at sprinkling twinkly guitars over TV shows about high school football, and Mono has pretty much been releasing the same record throughout the 2000s. DMST were always the underdog of this group; seemingly regarded as one of the absolute forbearers of the genre as it exists today while bucking many of the easy trends that defined it throughout the past ten years. they’ve done some experimenting over the years, with some coming out more succesful than others (i don’t think many people consider their last album, You, You’re A History In Rust their best work), but their MO has always been to instrumentally invoke numerous emotions while eschewing the tired melodrama of the distorted, reverbed crescendo.

The Other Truths fits perfectly as a cap to the decade for DMST. self-recorded, produced, and engineered in the band’s own Toronto studio, you’ll swear the band is playing in the room with you. there are slight imperfections abound (slightly off-time drum fills, fret noise, etc.), but they only add an element of vulnerable immediacy to these complex, meandering compositions. speaking of the songs themselves, it would be pointless for me to go into detail about each one, as they are all longform suites that each cover enough sonic ground to base an entire album off of. i will say that each of the four tracks, “Do”, “Make”, “Say”, and “Think”, couldn’t be more aptly titled. also, listen for members of Akron/Family contributing vocals on “Say”.

Post-rock as a genre became something of a lost cause towards the end of the decade, with the prominence of bands decided largely on the wattage of their amps and the price of their pedals. DMST jump back into the scene they godfathered to remind everyone that there’s much, much more to it than that.

p.s. the cover art for this album is gorgeous. i found a huge version that makes a great desktop background here. Thanks Honey Power!


One Response to “Do Make Say Think – The Other Truths (2009)”

  1. Brain S Says:

    I consider You, You’re a History in Rust to be their best work

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