Castevet – Summer Fences (2009)


it’s been roughly a minute since i’ve posted anything that really rocks; my summer was mostly filled with beats, synthesizers, and drones for some reason. shouldn’t it be the other way around? i feel like you should be into rockier stuff in the summer and more electronic stuff in the winter. so it goes.

i’ve had Summer Fences sitting on my hard drive for awhile now, as I grabbed it shortly before moving in. I’ve seen these gentleman live numerous times now, and I should have known better than to sleep on this album. hell, i was smart enough to post and play the hell out of their three-song unmastered demo tape, i wonder what got into me? regardless, Summer Fences is all at once gorgeous, expansive, catchy, energetic, and passionate. drawing as much sonically from Explosions In The Sky as early Against Me!, with an obligatory dose of the clean-toned Chicago/midwest emo, Castevet establish their strengths early and ride them straight on through.

“between berwyn and bryn mawr”, sounding slightly cleaner than its first appearance on the aforementioned demo, opens with an EITS-ish shimmering guitar cloud that shortly leads into an arpeggiated build. when those raspy shouts first hit from within such clean surroundings, its a wonderful shock. always kept at the perfect level in the mix, the vocals always spice up the pristine compositions with an element of intensity and passion without overwhelming. “i know what a lion is” is rolls and gallops along over an instrumental seven and a half minutes. “stranger, you know” wasn’t on the demo, but its melancholy guitar and desperate vocals make it a wonderful anthem and definite highlight.

what i’m trying to say is that these guys do everything pretty much exactly right. the production and mixing perfectly matches the scrappy beauty of the songs, the rhythms and melodies are complex and intricate, and the vocals beg to be sang along with, even if you don’t know the lyrics. these guys work hard, play hard, and create some heartbreakingly beautiful music. here’s to them.



2 Responses to “Castevet – Summer Fences (2009)”

  1. Ian Says:

    Reminds me a lot of Hot Water Music. Very melodic, very powerful stuff. Thanks for the recc!

  2. […] day until May albeit with two bonus tracks and on a different label. I dumped plenty of praise on Summer Fences last year and The Echo and The Light builds on every success that record had and then some. The […]

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