mp3: Volcano Choir – Island, IS


this was not at all what i was expecting when i heard that Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon would be doing a full-band collaboration. his trademark multi-tracked croon sits as beautifully woven amongst backing band Collection of Colonies of Bees’ latticework of looped guitar and organic percussion as it does on the spare acoustic arrangements of For Emma, Forever Ago. however, Volcano Choir finds Vernon replacing the soul-baring emotional grit of Bon Iver with a wider, ethereal spread, with equally successful results. While Vernon described this project as ‘experimental’, and compared to his main project, the approach certainly is, ‘Island, IS’ is as lush and intimate as anything we’ve heard from Vernon before.

DOWNLOAD >>> Volcano Choir – Island, IS

this record just leaped a few stories up my anticipated list. Unmap comes out 9/22 on Jagjaguwar


One Response to “mp3: Volcano Choir – Island, IS”

  1. these red roots Says:

    Can you please fix this link?
    I saw this today and was really intrigued.

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