Cold Cave – Love Comes Close (2009)


i don’t think anyone could have seen this hook-up coming. veteran hardcore vocalist Wes Eisold (American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, Some Girls) decided to take some time away from shredding his vocal cords to focus on more restrained pursuits. he decided to pick up some old, beat up Casios and vintage synths and started working on what would become Cold Cave. since then, he’s drafted a hell of a team to help him realize his vision; harsh noise icon Prurient, aka Dominic Fernow, and Caralee McElroy, formerly the female half of Xiu Xiu. while an obvious electro-pop current runs underneath everything from the melodies to the song structure, there’s no sunshine or bubbles to be found here. most of the synthesizers would sound just as at home on one of Fernow’s Prurient records as they do here. early highlight ‘Life Magazine’ places a friendly, melodic synth line and four on the floor beat over a thick, buzzing drone, while McElroy’s (i assume) delayed vocal loops phase off of each other. as a fan of both genres, this successful marriage between heavy drone and electro pop is wonderful, with the all-star lineup behind it only sweetening the deal. Eisold’s vocals (alas, no screaming here) also lend a pretty strong Ian Curtis vibe to songs like ‘Heaven Was Full’, hearkening back to JD/NO and other similarly dark 80s electro.

Cold Cave recently got picked up by Matador, who will re-release Love Comes Close in October. something tells me this record just might blow up, so check it out before everyone else does.


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