MP3: Lightning Bolt – Colossus (2009)


do lightning bolt really need an introduction anymore? i’m not sure. their new full-length, Earthly Delights, will be released on Load Records this fall, and i’m sure it will be an absolutely massive slab of ass-kicking face-punchery. the first single is a relative slow-burner for these guys, with Brian Chippendale keeping the flailing octopus drums to a minimum to assist Brian Gibson in stirring the dirge. over the course of 7 minutes, ‘Colossus’ pulls you along an increasing frenzied, psychedelic build-up that never quite pays off, for the better. we’ll see what kinds of other new tricks Lightning Bolt has picked up in their time off when Earthly Delights drops this fall.

DOWNLOAD >>> ‘Colossus’


One Response to “MP3: Lightning Bolt – Colossus (2009)”

  1. […] have brand new Lightning Bolt track Colossus up for download, get it here. Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights […]

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