Flying Lotus – L.A. EP 3 X 3


LA EP 3 X 3

the third and final installment of Flying Lotus’ LA EP X 3 series continues the tradition of combining samples of Steve Ellison’s latest musings while letting up and comers in the burgeoning Los Angeles-centric glitch-hop scene tinker with his more established work.

Dimlite, a recent addition to the Stones Throw roster, starts things off with a meandering, exploratory take on ‘Infinitum’, the last piece on Los Angeles. With a seemingly infinite arsenal of strange sounds, as well as the pieces culled from the original, Dimlite’s remix (or, according to the track listing, ‘Re-finitum’) sets the producer up nicely as someone to watch for. His 3rd LP comes out on Stones Throw this fall.

While 2 X 3 was woefully devoid of any new, original FlyLo tracks, 3 X 3 contains two gorgeous ambient pieces that bookend Take’s romping… uh… take… on Los Angeles highlight ‘Parisian Goldfish’. ‘Endless White’ mixes ephemeral swells of keys and strings with distant chirps of what sounds like a satellite high in orbit, while ‘Spin Cycles’, true to its name, slowly revolves around thick, warm ebbs of sound.

closing out the EP, harpist Rebekah Raff completely rebuilds Los Angeles‘ ‘Auntie’s Harp’ to a haunting, orchestral affair with layers of harps and strings. the result is pristine, unsettling, and exciting. Finally, LA producer Take steps up again to take a swing at ‘Riot” from Los Angeles.

this new, almost entirely ambient direction might seem strange or boring to the hip-hop heads who fell in love with FlyLo’s beat mastery, but its great to see him excel at creating something from a completely different angle than the hazy, cramped tumult of his full length. these simple, wide open ambient passages are refreshingly lucid, and it’s exciting to watch a forerunner of a scene so built on layers and overindulgence of sound to succeed at stripping everything away. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; we’re witnessing the growth of one of the best producers electronic music has heard in a very long time.


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