2 Legit 2 Quit



i know i’ve been slacking. it sucks. i’ve been slacking in lots of ways lately. but that is about to come to an end soon, and i took the first step in that direction today by finally bringing this little blog out of the free-site trenches and registering it. from now on, you’ll be able to direct your web browsing application straight to http://www.youngerandbetter.net to get your fix.

we made it, guys!

looking forward, i really want this site to grow into something cool. i’ve always tried to separate my site from the legions upon legions of music blogs that are merely another avenue to steal music from when your torrent ratio isn’t high enough by adding some personal commentary and a commitment to posting the most creative and interesting music coming out these days. while i love providing access to sample some of the best music being made today, i can safely say that i’ll eventually transition away from offering free downloads of the albums i write about. i’m trying to work on my writing skills and think up new ideas for the site so that i eventually won’t need to bribe readers with free music to get them to come back.

i would also love to get some guest writers on here, for those who get sick of reading my voice and being subject only to what i’m currently digging, which can get a little narrow at times. so please, if you are reading this and you want to try flexing your writing muscles or expand your existing writing horizons, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

i am just one kid, and not a very smart or innovative one at that. i started this entire project almost a year ago, and i am surprised that i have actually kept with it for this long. it’s gone through ups and downs and periods of inactivity, but it has also persisted. that must mean something. i am hundreds of miles away, both literally and figuratively, from the place where i was when i started this, yet it has persisted. i want it to keep growing in the steady, natural, organic way it has thus far, into something that can reach as many people as possible.

if this is the first time you’ve been here, welcome. i hope you keep coming back and checking out the neat things that will start happening soon. if you’ve been hanging out for awhile now, thanks so much for sticking with me. it truly means a lot, and i cannot wait for you to see and become involved in the next steps of this little old blog.

love yall so much

– brian

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