Oh No – Dr. No’s Oxperiment (2007)


Oh No has some pretty serious family ties to live up to. You would too if your older brother was none other than legendary Stones Throw producer Madlib.

Oh No’s debut release, Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, showed that younger Oh No was able to stand nearly as tall as his brother, if not very far away from him. By only sampling the work of Canadian composer Galt MacDermot and featuring a line of Stones Throw mainstays such as Aloe Blacc, he made a solid, if not particularly unique statement.

In 2007, Oh No came back with the release of Dr. No’s Experiment. Instead of the cut-up soul and funk samples that had become second nature, Oh No found a different muse in the music of mid-20th century Mediterranean folk, rock, and funk. Oh No flexes his ear for obscure quality over the course of 28 instrumental tracks, most not lasting over a minute and a half. Despite this seemingly schizophrenic format, Dr. No’s Experiment demands to be listened to as a whole, as the exotic sounds and sweltering Mid-East samples playing off of each other tie everything together. Deep, fuzzy basses and drums mixed with the scratchy riffs and smooth, distant funk make for a perfect album for those dog days of summer.


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